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Accounting assistance with XERO


How we handle your accounts with our expertise knowledge in XERO

If you are looking forward to outsource your accounting and book keeping work we are ready to help with it. Our team is specialized in handling the entire accounting operations from Book Keeping to Management Accounting, Reconciliations and Management Reports. Our team has a vast knowledge in handling accounts in many sectors using different accounting software systems. Also, we have the capability in studying and adopting ourselves in to any ERP accounting systems that in use.

Our team is well capable of handling latest and more user-friendly accounting packages. Here we will introduce you as to how we will assist your requirement with XERO Accounting system.

We can automate many tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with bookkeeping, such as reconciling bank statements and tracking expenses. This can free up time for small business owners to focus on other essential tasks.

The data will be captured within the shortest time once they are released to us. Also this will build confidence in client with the numbers since the data is stored in one place and be accessed at the shortest possible time.

Our supporting team has the capability of accessing and assessing data from anywhere when the need arises.

We have the ability to assist you with your payroll system through In built pay roll system and the pay roll reconciliations can be done very easily.

We can also assist you with sending Invoices to the clients directly from the system and track the payments and outstanding records. This create the ability to collect the funds within the stipulated time and take immediate action on the delayed payments.


We can connect to the live bank account and automatically upload the statements. Bank reconciliations can be done 100% accurately. Estimating the cash flow requirements will be much faster for decision making.

Given above are some of the key functions which will be seen provided by us using Xero.

The advantages of outsource the services functionalities such as book keeping and accounting are, that it will allow more time for you to involve in business improvements. Cost of maintaining your own system and related staff will not be there. Your required work will be done by team of proffesional and sent for your review as per the agreed time table.