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BIZKAZE – we find the solution. Together.

Have you ever had customers working with outsourcing? If yes, then you have also experienced the challenges that it gives to everyone involved. That is why we want to make the process of outsourcing as smooth as possible by combining Scandinavian expert knowledge and safe procedures with close partnerships and best know-how.  

To our customers that means good quality and a confident process. Our bespoke solutions fit the individual needs of our customer, and we are able to reach customer satisfaction, because we keep a close cooperation between the headquarter in Denmark and our subsidiary company including our partners. 

So far, our customers are offered these solutions, within standard products and support:   


Bizkaze IT Solutions offers: 

We got experienced software developers within Microsoft .net and Java technology stack. 


Standard Applications  

We sell standard and cloud-based software, and we can offer you individual customer adaptations. 


Bespoke Software 

We can develop your product from scratch in cooperation with you. In this case we will manage your IT-project from Denmark, Scandinavia. If you are in need of any resources to your IT-project, we are ready to provide a team, fully adapted for your current needs.  


Safe Project 

The concept of IT-governance might seem intangible to you, but we will provide you with tools which give you a head start in risk assessment, within IT-project management.  We show set-up-tools which will help you specify your needs and make you consider cybersecurity from the very beginning.  


Legal Documents 

We can help your business compose trade agreements, commercial treaties and contracts for your consultants or employees. All documents will be applicable to the British Commonwealth of Nations. 


How it Works. 

We deliver products in partnerships and senior IT-consultants for tasks in Denmark, Scandinavia, through our own subsidiary companies. That is why we can maintain control all the way through the process, from the very first contact to the final product.  


Other companies for outsourcing do exist. But only a few of these will also own the company they are outsourcing to – like we do in Bizkaze. The fact that we own our contractor will obviously make us in better charge during the full process, and at the same time it will be our customer’s guarantee for a uniform good quality, security, and confidence. Simply because everyone involved works for our customer as if it was their own customer.  

At Bizkaze IT Solutions we strengthen our professional position through partnerships. That is why we can deliver solid standard products, which have already been tested in the market and in that way, we are able to find the best product for our customer’s needs. Therefore, we are proud to state clearly that no one will ever pay for more than he needs.